FISUAL® and FISPRINT® | coated mono-films
(PET, PP, PE, PVC, etc.)
Particularly for the graphic industry, we manufacture various writable and printable coatings, e.g. for digital printing (laser, inkjet, etc.) and offset printing. The recipes being developed by our chemists are specifically designed for the particular printing processes and attain best results with respect to machinability, color fastness, scratch resistance and ink drying.
Upon request, coatings are also water and solvent resistant and outdoor weather proof. We also develop and manufacture functional coatings such as UV blockers, hydrophobic layers, IR-absorbing, electrically conductive or insulating barrier films. You have the product application, we deliver the suitable film.
FISUAL® and FISPRINT® Coated Mono-Films are being used in a wide variety of markets:
  • Printing industry
  • Packaging
  • Optical Products
  • Shielding films
  • Conductive layers
inkjet printable films
Windows films for folding boxes and envelopes
Optical films for
helmet windshields
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