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FISCOVER® products cover a wide range of designed specialty functions, such as
  • UV-block
    Ultraviolet (UV) light is non‑visible to the human eye. It can cause fading out of colors and can hurt sensitive materials. FISCOVER® UV‑block absorbs UV‑light up to 380 nm and provides excellent ageing behavior.
  • Hydrophobic and antifog
    Hydrophobic coatings are water‑repellent (lotus flower effect) and give a clean and hygienic surface. Antifog coatings adsorb moisture for clean surfaces, especially in fresh food packaging.
  • Antiseptic
    Skin approved
    antibacterial (certified
    DIN EN ISO 22196), antiviral (certified DIN EN ISO 21702) and antifungal (certified DIN EN 14119) effectiveness.
  • Conductive
    For electrical and thermal conduction, mainly used for effective and cost saving heatings of seats, windows and other surfaces.
  • Fire-retardant
    Prevents heat‑sensitive layers like plastic films and papers from burning according to UL94, self-exting-uishing.
  • Anti-scratch
    Surface protection in harsher environments.
  • Antistatic
    Electronic components are sensitive to static charge. FISCOVER® antistatic with a transparent electrically dissipative surface for a controlled electrostatic discharge.
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